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medical transcriptionOur current jobs are listed below. Keep in mind most of our job postings do fill up quickly, so it is best to apply to the posted jobs as soon as you can.

Out of all the types of transcription, medical transcription jobs are in the highest demand and typically requires the most experience and training. If you are lacking experience or training, it might be time to think about going through a training program. For others with little to no experience, you might want to look at our general transcription jobs to gain some experience and to help fill up your resume.

Take time when applying to the jobs you are interested in. That job may lead into a great relationship with the employer and more importantly a long term job. Good Luck and thank you for helping fill our job openings.


EXPERIENCED medical transcriptionist proficient in NEUROLOGY needed to cover two small neurology accounts and one small oral surgery account in late October/early November for approximately two weeks in my absence. Work from Home! All work is transmitted via email, transcribed digitally and returned in Word format. Approximately 2-4 hours of work per day. Pay is 10 cents/line, gross line count. EXPERIENCED transcriptionists only please! Applicant will be tested prior to hire.


120 minutes transcription

1. I have a medical podcast to transcribe 52 minutes Australian accent. 2 interviewers and 1 respondent. Good quality audios

2. 68 minutes of Practice management call. multiple speakers around 3-4. American Accent. Good quality audio.


Clean verbatim with timestamps where inaudibles [inaudible 00:00]
Fully proofread to 99-100% accuracy.
Good clear audios.


Medical Transcriptionists and Editors

URGENT NEED, to start right away. We are seeking qualified medical transcriptionists for fast turnarounds, accurate work, and a high level of dependability. 99-100% word for word accuracy required on all projects.

You must have experience and a proven track record for getting the job done quickly and correctly. Must be able to produce transcripts that are neatly formatted. Must be able to follow precise formatting instructions.

Must be punctual, a good communicator, and able to understand specific instructions quickly and easily, knowing also when to ask questions to ensure that you understand what is needed. We're looking for someone to join our team, who is comfortable in a professional environment, and who appreciates producing good quality results.

Please include your price per hour of audio. Please also indicate when you can start, and how long your typical turnaround is.


4 hours audio transcription required

Approx 4 hours of audio required to be transcribed to a Word document.
You will be transcribing a total of 3 recordings on the topics of Chiropractic and Health. 
Prior knowledge in chiropractic a bonus


2 medical podcast totaling 52 minutes to transcribe

Needs to hire 2 Freelancers
I have two audios of medical podcast to transcribe [26 minutes each]. Australian accent. 2 interviewers and 1 respondent.

Clean verbatim with timestamps where inaudibles [inaudible 00:00]
Fully proofread to 99-100% accuracy.
Good clear audios.

Need someone who can start immediately


Medical Transcription

I have need of a skilled transcription service. There will be medical dictations so your team/company must be aware of & willing to sign HIPPA compliance forms.

Please contact immediately with reference to past experience.


transcribe microbiology lectures

I need help transcribing 3 hours weekly of microbiology lectures, the class is called microbial physiology and I need someone with at least some science background. I can provide the lecture's power points which contain all terms used during class.


Medical Transcription Test

Small medical audios for transcription. The biggest file is around 8 minutes. and smallest around 57 seconds. Right now I have total 9 files of 41 mins approx. More are upcoming.

Transcribe clean verbatim without ahhs, ahhms and stutters.

Time stamps where necessary.


Medical Transcriptionist (WNC)

Full-time, home-based after training. Must be a WNC resident. At least 2 years multispecialty/hospital transcription experience required. Independent contract position. Flexible hours. Email resume.


Medical Transciptionist part time

EXPERIENCED Radiology Transcriptionist with at least three years experience transcribing radiology reports. Must have experience and be able to jump in with both feet. Knowledge of Excel is a plus. This is a remote independent contractor position. Equipment requirements are PC with Microsoft Word 2003 (or higher), Excel and foot pedal with USB connection. If you want to make some extra spending money working a few hours a day, please e-mail your resume.


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