Greetings! A solo family medicine physician is in need of subcontract with a local experienced medical transcriber who will transcribe dictated components of outpatient progress notes directly into the office Electronic Medical/Health Record. Need to transcribed HPI- Generally custom dictation, very little templating. ROS are 1-2 lines at most or templated with few edits of the template. Past Med/Sx History. Custom dictated only for new patients. Established patients no need this transcribed. Physical Exam-always template text and custom text.Will encounter range from very easy/low word count transcriptions (visits for sore throat with no medical history) to complex visits with multiple medical problems (higher word count transcriptions). The transcription can be done in our office onsite or the transcriber could log in remotely (from home or remote office location) and transcribe these dictations/encounters. Our office electronic medical record is designed in a way that would make the process very easy. This need to be completed twice a week (Patients seen by our physician on Monday and Tuesday would need to have their encounters transcribed by Thursday morning. Patients that were seen seen on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday would need to be completed by Monday morning). This would be a part-time position. This position requires the following credentials and requirements: High school diploma or higher education degree.Completion of an accredited medical transcription training program. Must have at least two years of full time experience employed in the medical transcription field.Be willing to work as an independent contractor. Please send a cover letter and a resume to the email address noted in this ad. We are going to contact potential candidates for interview. Thanks for your time and interest.

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