Wanted Legal Transcriptionist who use verbatim methods and specific equipment to store, recover and record legal information and ore-trial and trial proceedings. Who uses computerized stenographs, prerecorded information and written material to compile easy to follow reports. What you need to do is to transcribe material that has been dictated or recorded in courtrooms, law offices, closed hearings or any personal interviews. Must document all testimony, interrogations,pleadings, hearings and meeting minutes with heigh level of accuracy. You also have to transfer information that has been dictated at an earlier time to computer programs or word processing software. You will be the one responsible for preparing legal documents from written or recorded information. Your duties also include drafting or filing legals docs,tracking case progress, scheduling appointments, and maintaining an up-to-date calendar. Also includes helping attorneys prepare for trial, organizing case files, researching case precedents, documenting important case information, preparing documentation of particular laws and some other minor paralegal duties.Requirements: 1) Certification as legal transcriptionist 2) Knowledge of particular jurisdiction laws 3) business law training 4) Research,computer and typing skills 5) Proper grammar and spelling 6)Ability to multi-task 7) Time management skills and the ability to retain information.REquires backgorund check as well. Thanks!

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